Sun allergy: how to prevent it, what treatment to follow and what prognosis can we expect

It seems out of fiction, but it is not. Sun allergy is real and affects many people around the world. Because it is a fairly recent skin disorder in terms of its diagnosis, it is often confused with other conditions. Get out of doubt and discover what is sun allergy and its causes.

If you already suspect that you have it, want to receive treatment and do not know where to go, read on.

How to Prevent Sun Allergy

  1. Like any allergy, sun allergy cannot be prevented. However, if you have sensitive skin, another skin condition, or a family member who also suffers from it, you can reduce your chances by:
  2. Avoid exposure to the sun during peak hours, that is, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  3. Reduce sudden exposure to sunlight: the season in which we receive the least sun is winter, but as we approach spring and summer, daily outdoor activities, as well as the luminosity and strength of the rays of this star increase. Your skin has become unaccustomed to the sun and, if you add that it is sensitive to any change, it is best that you gradually expose it to sunlight so that it adjusts again and you do not have any reaction.
  4. Wear sunglasses and long-sleeved clothing: both can help you reduce your exposure to the sun. Also wear wide-brimmed hats for added protection.
  5. Use a sunscreen: at least 30 SPF. Apply it extensively to your skin and reapply two hours later if you are swimming or exercising outdoors.

Which specialist treats sun allergy

In general, dermatologists are in charge of diagnosing whether you have a sun allergy or not. Often times, a quick observation is enough to identify it. However, if it is not clear, your dermatologist may ask you for the following tests to find out:

  1. Analysis of exposure to ultraviolet radiation: also known as a "photo test", what will be done is to expose you to various radiation of ultraviolet light with waves of different lengths to determine if you suffer from an allergy to the Sun and what type.
  2. Photopatch: This type of test reveals whether a substance found on the skin at the time of exposure to the sun is causing the sun allergy. To apply these substances in a safe environment, they are placed on the skin in the form of patch and leave one day to be absorbed. The next day, a special lamp that emits ultraviolet light is applied. If the reaction occurs only in the area of ​​the patches, it is probably related to a particular substance.
  3. Blood tests and skin samples: Usually it is not necessary to order this type of test. However, if your doctor suspects that your allergy is due to an unidentified disorder, they will ask for a skin biopsy and a blood sample to analyze in the laboratory.

 Sun allergy treatment

The medications or creams that you have to apply will depend on the severity of your sun allergy. In the mildest chaos, simply avoiding exposure to sunlight is sufficient for symptoms to resolve.

However, in moderate and severe conditions, it may be necessary to:

  1. Taking medications: in the most serious cases, the doctor may prescribe a cycle of pills with corticosteroids or also a medication with hydroxychloroquine, a substance present in malaria medications that has beneficial effects on the symptoms of sun allergy.
  2. Corticosteroid creams.
  3. CBD creams: a completely natural and calming remedy, fast acting and without side effects.
  4. Therapy: for the most serious cases of allergy to the sun. It involves illuminating with an ultraviolet lamp certain areas of the skin that are usually exposed to the sun. This is usually done several times a week for a few months. Afterwards, the occasional and rapid taking of the Sun will be proposed to see how the patient evolves.

Other considerations are that the doctor asks you to eliminate medications that sensitize your skin to the sun, keep your skin hydrated and avoid the sun as much as possible, as long as there are no signs of improvement. It is also recommended that you follow a balanced diet and exercise constantly.

Prognosis. Does the sun allergy go away?

Allergies are difficult to eliminate completely because it is a defense action against what is considered an aggression. What can be achieved is to reduce its severity by subjecting the skin to constant and slow exposure to the sun, accompanied by a treatment and the guidance of your dermatologist, to get used to it and not react violently.

Another question that is usually recommended is to avoid the use of perfumes, deodorants or cosmetics when you are going to expose yourself to the sun, since you can trigger an unexpected allergic reaction, not so much because of the sun's rays itself, but because of the substance with which it enters in contact.

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