Maskne: how to treat and prevent acne by mask

Almost all of us have suffered from acne. It is an unequivocal sign that we are leaving childhood and entering adolescence and, although the pimples may bother us, in the end they just go away in the same way that they arrived.

However, since the beginning of the pandemic and the mandatory use of masks, a new type of very resistant acne has appeared: the maskné, which is capable of attacking even the healthiest skin and leaving thousands of people wondering what it is, what causes it and what are its symptoms.

If this term is already known to you, and you are looking for a solution for your mask acne, read on.

Mask acne: can it be prevented?

Since mask acne is closely linked to the use of the mask. We are sorry to say no, especially if you are forced to frequently go to places where it is mandatory to wear it.

What you can do is maintain a balanced diet and increase the care you provide to your skin and talk to your doctor.

What doctor can help me treat maskne?

To know how to take care of your skin in these unique moments, we recommend that you go to the skin specialist. That is, to the dermatologist, who will study the type of skin you have, its condition and will prescribe the most appropriate treatment.

Also, if you frequently go to do a skin cleansing, tell your esthetician about your current situation and what the dermatologist told you to advise you on the best daily routine to minimize the effects of maskne.

How to treat maskne

Since the masks will accompany us for a while longer, we have to minimize the effects they have on our skin while taking care of our health.

Acne by mask: choose the mask that suits you best and change it when necessary

The first thing we must take into account is our skin type when buying a mask. Natural fabrics like cotton are known to allow the skin to breathe more, but offer less filtration. While synthetic fabrics protect better against external agents by not letting sweat or heat escape, making it a greater breeding ground for bacteria.

If you prefer fabric masks, it is recommended that you wash them frequently and avoid touching other objects so as not to contaminate them. On the contrary, if you use synthetic masks, this type is for single use, so it is better that you change it daily.

In the event that it has become damp or dirty, it must be replaced as quickly as possible, because we are not only damaging our skin, but we are endangering our health by keeping a garment in which they are proliferating so close to the mouth different types of pathogens.

Maskne: the mask acne-fighting routine

At the level of the skin, it is advisable to be more thorough and clean it morning and night with non-irritating products. In addition, we recommend that you wash it before putting on the mask and after removing it, so that the bacteria do not migrate from one place to another, and it does not become a breeding ground. Make sure to use a product that matches your skin type that cleanses your pores and removes excess sebum.

Once this step is done, it is time to hydrate and balance it, since after being cleaned so many times throughout the day, it becomes dehydrated, loses its nutrients and its natural protection. Therefore, you can help it with moisturizing and regenerating creams to regain its elasticity, while accelerating its healing time.

If the cream you use contains CBD much better, since in addition to nourishing it, it relieves any irritation that may exist and reduces inflammation. On the other hand, being a completely natural product, it has no side effects.

Mask acne: treat yourself well and go to the specialist

If you see that your acne is maintained over time even being constant with your cleaning and hydration routines, it would be best to visit your beautician to do periodic deep cleansing of the skin, and to help you remove the impurities that are preventing you move along.

The latter always with the approval of your dermatologist, making sure you have him informed in case the treatment needs to be changed.

Finally, forget to eat well, have a good sleep routine and reduce stress, since, if you do not give the skin the necessary nutrients, it will cost more to defend itself against bacteria.

Maskne: prognosis and evolution

Maskne is not a serious or complicated condition, although it can sometimes be bothersome.

As the appearance of the maskne is linked to the use of the mask, the moment it is discontinued it will disappear, but as this measure is not yet in sight, you should not give up on your efforts to keep your skin as clean as possible so that, When you decide to eliminate the use of the mask, your skin can breathe fresh air healthier than ever.

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