Dyshidrosis: can it be prevented, what is the treatment and the prognosis

Dyshidrosis A complicated name for a relatively common skin condition. You may never have heard it, but it affects the lives of thousands of people around the world.

On the contrary, if you already know what dyshidrosis is, its causes and symptoms and rather you are looking for a treatment, a possible prognosis or simply to know if it can be prevented... Keep reading.

Can dyshidrosis be prevented?

Since the cause of dyshidrosis is not known as such, it is very difficult to prevent it. However, it is suspected that the triggers could be stress, some type of eczema, hay fever or an allergic reaction; so it is recommended.

  1. Lower stress levels.
  2. Eliminate exposure to nickel and cobalt if you have sensitive skin.
  3. Be more careful with your skin if you already suffer from a skin condition, because it is easier for you to develop dyshidrosis if the conditions are given.
  4. Moisten your skin daily to protect it.
  5. Wear gloves when you go to clean your home to protect your hands from the corrosive ingredients that cleaning products have.
  6. Use mild soaps and wash your hands with warm water to avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures.

Diagnosis of dyshidrosis

If you think you have dyshidrosis and want to confirm it, it is best to go to a dermatologist, who will diagnose this condition through a physical examination.

Currently there is no laboratory test to determine whether or not someone has dyshidrosis. So what your doctor is likely to do is order other tests to rule out other skin problems that have similar symptoms.

For example, a skin scraping can be examined to see under a microscope whether it is an allergic reaction or an external agent, such as a fungus. You can also put patches on the skin to determine if it is a reaction.

Treatment of dyshidrosis

Once it is clear that the condition is dehidrosis, the dermatologist can prescribe different types of medication depending on the severity of your skin condition.

  1. Corticosteroids: creams and ointments with high levels of this property can help the blisters of dyshidrosis disappear more quickly. One way to speed up the absorption of corticosteroids is by wrapping the treated area with plastic wrap or applying wet wipes, after applying the cream. In severe cases, your dermatologist may prescribe corticosteroid tablets. Of course, both creams and pills cannot be used in the long term because they generate serious side effects.
  2. Creams with CBD for sensitive skins: especially those with a CBD component, since they relieve the itching of the blisters, reduce inflammation, soothe skin irritation and without side effects, since it is a completely natural product
  3. Phototherapy: When corticosteroids do not work, your doctor may prescribe a special kind of phototherapy that combines UV exposure with medications that make the skin get used to the light and become more receptive to it.
  4. Immunosuppressive agent ointments: These types of medications may be helpful for people who want to limit the use of corticosteroids prescribed for some time, and who are already beginning to experience side effects. It should be noted that this type of medication increases the risk of infection by weakening the body's defenses.
  5. Botulinum toxin injections: In the most severe cases of dyshidrosis, some doctors may advise the use of botulinum toxin to reduce the effects of dyshidrotic eczema.

Natural treatment of dyshidrosis

Many of the medications that doctors prescribe to treat dyshidrosis have quite harmful side effects. That is why you can combine them with other natural treatments to take care of your health while accelerating the disappearance of this skin condition.

Some of these recipes include:

  1. Apply cold, wet compresses, as these reduce itching.
  2. Immerse the affected areas in witch hazel, because by promoting blood circulation it also accelerates the healing of blisters.
  3. Taking medications to reduce itching such as antihistamines, periodically reduce the action of the defenses and make any allergic reaction disappear.
  4. Use an aloe vera gel as it is antibacterial, antimicrobial, strengthens the defenses and heals the wounds left by blisters. 

Prognosis of dyshidrosis

Dyshidrosis is a skin condition that is difficult to treat not only because symptoms can already complicate life for more than one person (annoying itching and constant growth and breakage of blisters) but also because it is a problem that usually reappears every few months or years .

Fortunately, by reducing daily stress and taking special care of the skin, we can delay the reappearance of dyshidrosis and reduce its irritation once it is present and accelerate its disappearance.

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