The skin being the largest organ of the human body, means that it acts as the body's first line of defence against all forms of external aggressions. Healthy skin maintains proper hydration and fluid balance and helps regulate body temperature. The condition of one's skin can also have a significant impact on one's self-esteem.

European law on cosmetics is one of the most advanced and comprehensive laws in the world. It guarantees the quality, safety and effectiveness of ingredients, not to mention it’s composition, the manufacturing process and the packaging of its products. As the cosmetic industry is so dynamic, there are constant improvements in regulation either by the introduction of new ingredients and continuous re-evaluations of the added value and safety.

In Spain, the estimated reported rate of psoriasis is 2.3% of the population, with no significant statistical difference between males and females.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), psoriasis is a chronic, non-contagious, painful, disfiguring and disabling disease for which there is "supposedly" no cure, although the general quality of life can be significantly improved.


Today, there is now a massive demand for all-natural and organic products, and when it comes to skin care the trend has also shifted in the same direction. The health industry seems to have taken notice of this demand because in recent years there have been numerous natural and organic products produced to ensure that consumers are far less exposed to harmful petrochemicals and synthetic ingredients all of which are harmful to the health of the human body.

Organic skincare products are costlier to produce, so people tend to settle for cheaper chemically laced products.

CBD has become a very sought-after ingredient in a wide variety of skin care benefits, for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cell regenerative and relieving qualities. Scientific studies have shown that by using CBD products, the symptoms of psoriasis can gradually disappear from the skin, providing immediate relief for patients who suffer with it.


Psoriais: CBD in combination with the active ingredients offers some very unique benefits for this condition by tackling many of the underlying conditions that are thought to be the root cause of it. In addition, CBD inhibits keratinocyte growth, which is one of the primary causes of psoriasis patches to develop. CannabiSkin not only has a high CBD content, but also contains other ingredients such as marigold or Asian star, which do much to alleviate these problems.

Eczema: An aggravating skin condition consisting of red, itchy and dry patches of skin. These irritations can become very uncomfortable, producing relentless itching and burning in the most severe forms. CBD is an excellent product for relieving a lot of these discomforts through its potent pain-relieving and soothing effects.

Acne: CBD helps to reduce inflammation and promote sebum flow by helping unclog pores. It loosens sebum and keeps it flowing out of the pores and into the skin, helping moisturise and protect the skin.


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I have tried the facial cream and I really liked how it regenerates my skin when I have an outbreak of my atopic dermatitis. Highly recommended for irritated and damaged skin

Meritxell Tous

I want to thank you for giving me a real solution !!!! after so many years ..... I hope you can continue helping many more people. Thank you very much and a big hug

Sophie Tapo

I have had the great luck that this product fell into my hands, it is a product that is of sublime quality. You can see the results of the product quickly when you start using it. I recommend everyone to try this cream because it will not leave you indiff

Javier Hernandez

This is the only brand that has finally put an end to the problems of atopic dermatitis that I have been dragging on my skin for months after countless visits to specialists recommending all kinds of products that have involved a great investment of time

Ivan S

I have only been using atopyk for 2 weeks and the results are already showing. I have been looking for a cream for my dry skin for a long time and I have found the perfect solution. I recommend it 100%.

Carlos Flores

Lovely products!!!! Great application on my skin.



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